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Arcanum. A logical name for the practice place of the magical arts, a training forum or other location where the arcane arts are practiced after learned, and occasionally enabled.
The contributions to the library of arcane, are a series of conversations included mostly for teaching others, and have not been edited. These course are given by lecture, and included here are personal contributions to the library, addition others collections. Please note, their are certain levels of "writing"some would include for library collections, and the interest expressed in this sections, are topical inclusion where grammer, spelling or presentation could argueably have placement on other shelves, than some of those presented here. Because the wholistic approach to magika, or other approach includes spirits of very little ability to speak like men, and some able to speak better than or articulate better, The levels of inclusion here are not categoried as childrens books, or adult books, rather collected as part of some observation for the perspectuive other persons have brought to the library. I have worked to attain what is stated as purity of development for the arts, magika, considered one the highest of arts among men, when applied with effort or study, this certain talent of what.

Hidden on the website is small series, and soon to be updated with another 20 or thirty recordings of work using the magical arts, and investigations into local magikal events, arkist investigations, and other ways to apply the talent while learning to use the talents for tools and measure, and then further applying them across approaches for investigation or personel and professional development.

What is collected at the early concept of the Library of Arcane

This is more than magic, but also other topics that support the curriculm of the spark at the University of Arcane (though here some attention getting list of magical texts, without any suggestion of a complete early library), of one type or another, and specific here, an interest for the classwork explored among persons attending. See the ecce arcanum PMA (and original stored file), proof of magical ability to see the production of spark filmed, earning my role at the Government of Spark. The library and the school, teach a real magic. These are not parlor tricks. The book written by this professor can cause you to go blind with over stimulation of the nuero cortex, and to pass out, and a warning is issued is a requirement for men seeking to learn at the UoA. Each person working thios staff, has a book written with description of form or type, and with some demonstrated practice. The men in this short list, have not been asked to particpate, and these texts are not distributed with file. Here is a short list for various types of magic to explore, if your talent is the magical arts and other paraphyscial ability that can be filmed. I have no read all of these texts assembled from a folder, and for various reasons of purity of form or early discovery. And the discoveries have been quite frequent, like other with their own book on the shelves, michael marley's space between is the book I work added to the list. As early proprietor of the university, this list is not edited for crrectness, with purpose of indicating chaotic presentation as origin as part of natural order. Other lists will be provided, for various forms of managing the spark, or governing it, that might include electrical code requirements, plumbing, or other construction guidlines for governing the path of a spark, and more. The libraries of arcana once built, I know not what it will someday contain, but know today it will someday be real and perhaps with arch, and perhaps a conversation about my study discussed on some book shelf for student to know what i did in the early age of technology and magika (magic) and how contributions where they might be studyied are offered, when others read about the work that was done here before a brick was laid and site chosen to build with physcial mortar.

Affiliated arguement in the area include the depiction of magic and the authoriing of texts offered as technical foundation for the companies part of the build out. These texts and other writings establish the foundations of each company and project as more than a website, but with a physcial means of declaring ownership and operating across so many portfolio items as experts. Texts attributed the dark arts will later be hidden from public view. The white arts are my speciality.

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